I love you.

"Je suis prest. ‘I am ready.’ But ready for what?"

Banks - Under the Table

New poster for Showtime’s The Affair, with Ruth Wilson, Dominic West, Maura Tierney and Joshua Jackson. Watch here the teaser trailer.

end of the affair
the weight of the world
a kindness gone to bed
free of your laughter
a liar after all 
did he hear, did he hear
the fumbled words you said?

I don’t know if you know this, but…you’re my best friend. Sorta my…my only friend, and, uh, I need to have you in my life. I have to have you.

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”.. it is a glorious morning at Montmaray.”

- (Michelle Cooper, The Montmaray Journals)


y’all should really start paying attention to this one hundred percent diva 

“I’m searching for something to hang on to, some sign of the girl and boy who met by chance in the woods five years ago and became inseparable. I’m wondering what would have happened to them if the Hunger Games had not reaped the girl.”

b99 favorite character quotes

Terry Jeffords




Youtuber Robert Jones posted this well-edited supercut, a celebration of dance on film, featuring everything from Dirty Dancing to 13 Going on 30